Colour No. 99J (Double Drawn)
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Colour No. 99J (Double Drawn)

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The Ultimate Luxury our Silky Soft King Luxury Double Drawn Hair are the highest quality salon professional Keratin Prebonded flat tip Hair Extensions. Our Flat tip allows for the smallest attachment giving a discreet and comfortable application every time. Our hair is designed with luxury and durability in mind because we know that value for money is so important. Our hair offers virtually no shedding and are made using the finest quality 100% human hair. Each strand is hand selected and delicately processed to ensure the integrity of each strand – all shorter strands are removed to ensure each strand is the same volume from root to tip allowing you and your clients to enjoy healthy looking, shiny, tangle free hair extension for the duration of their wear.

We recommend professional removal every 4 - 6 months depending on the clients natural hair condition.

Each Luxury Pack contains

  • 25g/25 strands per pack
  • 23 inches

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