Aftercare & Maintenance

Aftercare & Maintenance of King Luxury Hair Extensions
1.    DO NOT wash your King Luxury Hair Extensions for 48 hours after hair application.
2.    Before washing your hair gently brush through to de-tangle. Sulphate/Paraben free shampoo and condition/mask must be used products containing those ingredients will break down the bonds on your Hair Extensions. No purple shampoo! We recommend Alfaparf.
3.    We recommend clients double shampoo their hair using just a €2 coin amount of shampoo, then apply a conditioner or mask from mid-lengths to ends (not on the bonds) then comb or brush through in the shower and rinse. A serum may be used we love Crystal Liquid from Alfaparf - do not use on the root/bond area.
4.    We recommend that you place your King Luxury Hair Extensions in a plait EVERY NIGHT before going to bed.
5.     NEVER sleep on wet or damp extensions, the extensions should always be dry.
6.    Always hold the extensions whilst brushing to avoid placing tension on the roots, never back comb the roots area.
7.    Electric curling tongs, straighteners and hot brushes may be used, but avoid the bonded areas as direct heat may soften and distort the bonds.
8.    Wear and enjoy your King Luxury Hair Extensions & please ensure to have them removed correctly.   

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