King Luxury UD Hair Extensions Kit (Pre-Order)
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King Luxury UD Hair Extensions Kit (Pre-Order)

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We are delighted here at King to be the pioneer in UD Hair Extensions (Ultra-Discrete) using UV LED Technology. At King, we are obsessed with our products being kind to hair & scalp and this method provides just that. This method will change the way you look after your clients hair.

What's Included in the kit?

- UV LED Light

- Removal Gun

- x1 bottle of UV solution for application

- x2 bottles of UV removal solution

- Application brush

- King Extension Colour Ring

- King Lanyard for LED Light

- Metal clips (sectioning)

- Butterfly clips (sectioning)

- Metal tail comb

- Pink King velcro's

- The Jewel Hairbrush


Total Cost; €379.00

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