Dark Envy Green Conditioner

Dark Envy Green Conditioner

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Working to neutralise red, copper or even ginger tones, this conditioner strives to hold onto your hair colour, giving you more time between salon visits. Although it is non-colour depositing, the formula enriches brunette bases, whether natural or dyed, through intense hydration. Deeply moisturising each hair fibre, the formula enhances its colour, keeping your brunette shade rich and shining.

Hydrated hair is also easier to style, reducing breaking and improving manageability. Given new life, your hair is less likely to knot or break, instead, it appears softer and glossier than ever before. As if that wasn’t enough, the conditioner also leaves your locks richly scented with the invigorating blend of Citrus, Jasmine and Cedarwood. Hair is left silky, radiant and with a natural shine.

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