Gold Dust - Irish Country Magazine in the Editors Picks section

Sam's Interview - Irish Daily Star

Sam Interview - Irish Daily Star.jpeg


The Jewel brush in pink and Gold Dust Dry Shampoo - Sunday Independent Life Magazine in Triona McCarthy's section.

Sunday Indo - Life Mag - Jewel Brush in Pink.jpg


The King Lockdown Pamper Box - Irish Daily Star's Chic Magazine in their Valentines Gift Guide

Irish Daily Star Chic Mag Lockdown Pamper Box.jpg


The Jewel brush in black - Irish Daily Star's Chic Magazine

Irish Daily Star Chic Magazine The Jewel.jpg

Gold Dust - Sunday World being ranked as a #1 product for hair and scalp in their #nofilter section


Gold Dust - Irish Independent in the Notions v.s Necessities section deemed as a necessity

Sunday Independent - Life Mag - Gold Dust Necessity.jpg

The Jewel brush in black - Sunday Business Post in the #Trending section

Sunday Business Post #Trending Section The Jewel.jpg

Gold Dust - Irish Times Magazine in their 'We Love' section


King Christmas Hairkare Bag - Irish Daily Star's Chic Magazine

Irish Daily Star Chic Magazine King Xmas Haircare Bag.jpg