Dermaplaning Tool
Dermaplaning Tool
Dermaplaning Tool
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Dermaplaning Tool

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Say goodbye to unwanted hair and peach fuzz! The Global Beauty Dermaplaning Tool removes dead skin cells and unwanted hair from the face and body with no pain, redness or irritation revealing clean, smooth skin for a flawless tan or makeup application.

* Please Note: When used correctly. If you have sensitivities, acne, or any other skin irritations, please consult a skin specialist first.

Can be used to remove unwanted or excess hair from:
- Sides of face
- Eyebrows
- Upper Lip
- Chin
- Arms
- Hairline
- Stray body hairs
- Bikini Line

How To Use:
1. Ensure that both your skin and the tool are clean and dry.
2. With one hand, hold the skin taught, and with the other hand, hold the tool at a 45 degree angle to your skin.
3. Use short, gentle strokes in a downward motion to remove hair.
4. Ensure to clean your blade as you go.
5. When finished, apply your favorite serum or moisturiser to ensure optimal absorption. 

Dermaplaning Facts:
1. Dermaplaning will NOT make your hair grow back thicker or darker. Removing the hair at the skin surface does not change the hair in any way. The hair will grow back as normal and the length of time for regular maintenance will vary per person.
2. You don't need to be 'hairy' to try dermaplaning. Everyone has small vellus hairs on their face which can be removed to achieve the benefits of this treatment.
3. Dermaplaning is a great method of exfoliation.
4. Dermaplaning allows for better absorption of your skincare products and a smoother application of your makeup.
5. Do not try dermaplaning if you have any skin conditions or acne breakouts as it may cause irritation.

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